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For more than 25 years, Real Property Management has been upholding our reputation as the best local property manager in the nation. We have the capability to manage properties with expert care and attention on both a local and national level. This allows us to tailor our services to specifically meet the needs of our customers. That is why we have become a trusted name among investors and homeowners alike.

At Real Property Management, we believe that real estate is just like other investments in that it needs to be professionally managed in order to see the largest return on investment. For this reason, our team of highly trained experts has the competence, skill, and expertise to handle every aspect of property management including maintenance, leasing, marketing, collections, accounting, evictions, inspections, and remaining legally compliant.

With over 200 offices throughout The United States and Canada, we have the capacity to competently serve a wide range of different clients. Each of our offices seeks to save our clients headaches, time, and money. Give us a call to get started with a free quote and find out more about what Real Property Management can do for your investments.

Our Story

Our story began in 1983 when pizza delivery wasn’t working out for then college student Kirk McGary. It was the perfect time to broach his idea to his two friends about residential property management services. He would handle the accounting and so he took a chance and took a course. He did well for a few years which put them all through college.

After graduating, McGary’s father joined the company bringing his construction abilities to start a property management company. After three years, they expanded to become the largest company in Utah managing properties. By continuously refining and innovating along the way, they developed Real Property Management franchises across the region.

Contact us to find out about the Real Property Management Experience and see the difference it will make for you and your investments.

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Hi Marlene, Whew! That’s a relief! These properties are my income (I’m no spring chicken and I’m retired) so it’s good to know....
Joan G., August 2013
Thank you, Marlene. And yes, Grecia is wonderful! I am very happy I found her at 5 am last Friday, she has been...
Kristen B., February 2014
…Thanks you very much for helping to arrive at a timely resolution to our Heating and AC problem. I like working with you...
Billy Z., December 2011
Hello Grecia, I'm very thankful to have come across RPM Rincon on my search for a home on the northwest side for my family....
Sarah R., October 2012
Thank you so much! This is exactly the reason that I tell all my friends about your company. Always such a pleasure!
Cody D., February 2014
Your office and staff have been wonderful not only helping us but helping your client (homeowner) as well. I know this situation was...
Mark H., March 2012
Hello Grecia, I just want you to know I’m extremely happy with RPM Rincon for your diligence in following through for me with my...
Elaine F., August 2013
To whom it may concern: Joanne has consistently helped us with any issues that we have had during the three years that we have...
R. and Petra C., September 2013
...I am highly satisfied with the service your company provided and will recommend your services to others. Thanks for a fantastic year.
Anthony W., February 2014
Hello Grecia, I just want to tell you I made the best decision ever to hire RPM RINCON.... From getting my house rented...
Ann N. , May 2013

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