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You’ve reached the point where your investment portfolio is growing, yet your expense, time and stress level are likely growing along with it. Imagine the ability to bring each of your properties under the same roof with just one property management company—while saving yourself time and money.

Whether your properties are all local or spread across several states, Real Property Management has the reach and the experience to simplify everything for you with one reliable and cost-effective management program. Our strategy is designed to save you money at every stage of the process, so that your management fee pays for itself:

Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising Program – Since every day a property is vacant is money out of your pocket, we spend thousands of dollars every month advertising our vacancies to get them filled faster.

Rigorous Credit, Income, and Criminal Screening – Placing the wrong tenant can be expensive, so we work to identify tenants who will pay rent on time and care for your property. Criminal and credit checks are conducted on every tenant over age 18.

Routine Inspections – We can inspect all the properties we manage on a regular basis both inside and out to assess condition and ensure tenant care and lease compliance. We also identify maintenance issues that can become costly if neglected.

Online Reporting – Our fully transparent, web-based property management reporting system keeps you updated on all property activity, including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspections and financial reports—from wherever you are.

Maintenance Coordination – Maintenance is a necessary expense in property management, and we keep costs down through our preferred vendor relationships and our 24/7 professional maintenance staff.

Rent Collections – Nothing hurts cash flow more than late or missing rent payments, so we offer incentives for paying rent on time. Our collection processes are professional but tough, and we diligently collect your rent in a systematic, timely process.

Complete Eviction and Possession Services – Even with careful placement, you may find yourself evicting a tenant. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord and tenant laws. When rents are not paid and collection efforts fail, we initiate legal steps quickly and work to minimize your costs.

After navigating the industry for 25 years, we know how complicated—and costly—managing property can be if not done carefully. Take back your evenings, weekends, holidays—and anything else you’ve given up to keep your properties occupied and in optimum condition. Experience the difference Real Property Management can make. Get a free quote now.

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To whom it may concern: Joanne has consistently helped us with any issues that we have had during the three years that we have...
R. and Petra C., September 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to offer some feedback on my experience with RPM Rincon. In 2007, I entrusted RPM Rincon with...
Desiree V., August 2013
Hello Grecia, I just want you to know I’m extremely happy with RPM Rincon for your diligence in following through for me with my...
Elaine F., August 2013
Hello Marlene, I can't thank you enough for your assistance and understanding in this matter. You truly helped me out during a very hard...
Denise S., October 2013
Hello Grecia, I'm very thankful to have come across RPM Rincon on my search for a home on the northwest side for my family....
Sarah R., October 2012
Thanks to everyone, I am excited to be working with your group. I feel like I have made the right choice.
Sherry S., March 2014
Hi Marlene, Whew! That’s a relief! These properties are my income (I’m no spring chicken and I’m retired) so it’s good to know....
Joan G., August 2013
Thank you so much! This is exactly the reason that I tell all my friends about your company. Always such a pleasure!
Cody D., February 2014
Thank you, Marlene. And yes, Grecia is wonderful! I am very happy I found her at 5 am last Friday, she has been...
Kristen B., February 2014
...I am highly satisfied with the service your company provided and will recommend your services to others. Thanks for a fantastic year.
Anthony W., February 2014

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